Affiliate Program

If you would like to participate on our Ticket Badge annual drawing, but are limited on income, Sonoran Dawn does have an affiliate program that pays in badges. One badge per month can be earned if an affiliate does the following:
  • places a Sonoran Dawn banner on their blog/website, Banners must be visible from every page (menus)
  • sends out a social media ad using our banner and linking to our homepage once a week for a total of four times a month (Twitter & Gab)
  • comments on Sonoran Dawn's social media posts once a week for a total of four times a month (Facebook & Minds)
  • shares two Sonoran Dawn posts per month (Facebook & Minds)
A maximum of 6 badges may be earned using the affiliate program in one calendar year for the year-end drawing

This program works only if Sonoran Dawn is aware and can verify that the terms and conditions are met before and during the month the affiliate signs up for. Then after the month is successfully finished, the affiliate will earn a unique badge to enter the contest with at the end of the year.

If an affiliate does a full calendar year of the program, then a special recognition will be created for said affiliate. 


Purchases/Donations for the most part are on the honor system. We hope you support us either way. We do not discriminate based on ability to pay, however the drawing is contingent upon your contributions either monetarily or by participation. (For the year-end drawing eligibility, a show of receipts and badges may be required.)

If there is a question of eligibility, Sonoran Dawn Studios makes all final determinations based on spreadsheet and image files as well as verification of participant receipts.

Thank you.


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