Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Experience the World

Our last article focused on travel and writing, so I have been working to update my travel experiences in the Bibliographies and Credits section.

Writers who would like to write professionally should have a long list of cities and destinations they have visited. It is difficult to describe something you have not seen in person. With the internet many pictures of places and architectures make staying at home easy.

But have you touched a gravestone from the 1500's? Have you walked on cobblestone? Have you stood on the steps that the real Geronimo once stood? Have you ever operated an elevator from the early 1900's? 

I have.

I have touched. I have walked in time. I have stood in history. I have operated machinery from long since past. 

Experiencing the world is not about the five senses; it's about living in a moment. There is a feeling to living that cannot be expressed in words but written as experiences and feelings of characters and stories. 

If you want to be creative, write, paint, draw, then live the world's moments until you feel history running through your veins. 

Have a really weird day!