Meet Sonoran Dawn

Welcome to Sonoran Dawn.

We are a network of different voices, diverse perspectives, and various personalities. If you do not like one blog, then try another. Sonoran Dawn has tried to encompass a wide range of topics from archeology to current events news and earth sciences to the paranormal. 

Sonoran Dawn is about freedom of speech and expression. 

We do have our own niche. We support the voices you may not hear in the mainstream that often. Sonoran Dawn Studios is about realism, being authentic, and creating positive action. 

We are geared toward spirituality rather than the dogma of religion. We support medical and nutritional sciences versus pro- chemical, toxicity, and profit driven agendas. We love history, earth sciences, and politics that are not social justice warrior nonsense. 

We are against violence, doxing, and other Antifa-style terrorism of people who may disagree with our creators. If you have a legitimate grievance, then write a letter to the editor of said blog, but you do not have the right to cause a disturbance. If your opinion is different, then do as everyone else who signs onto Sonoran Dawn Studios has done: prove it.

Sonoran Dawn Studios has had to issue Social Media Conduct for this very reason. Bullying, ganging up, and temper tantrums are more common than actual dialogue and even a well-cited research rebuttal paper. 

Our publishing and design house is operated by a disabled woman who is unique in her skills, abilities, and education as well as background, employment history, experience, genealogy, and spirituality that many people do not realize that she alone is the United Nations of publishing. 

She has Environmental Illness from pesticide poisoning and black mold exposure from her employer that has caused a collapsed immune system and brain inflammation. She understands mental illness from being a landlord as well as her own medical condition. She has been harmed and witnessed the harm of the pro-toxicity stance of vaccines. She was also her mother's medical care taker for over a decade. She has been in and out of emergency rooms and hospitals. She has had a working knowledge of pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and in-home care giving.

As an employee Sonoran Dawn has worked her way up the ladder. She has been a Turn Down Girl for a 4-Star resort, which is housekeeping. She has been a custodian for a law firm. She has worked as an assistant in offices for residential faculty, information resources, computing and communication, administration at a community college, and the school to work program. She has worked in a laboratory for a college as a lab tech cleaning work spaces as well as the lab prep area itself. She has setup and taken down a number of experiments. She has tutored College English and Biology. She has also been an Administrative Secretary and unofficial Administrative Assistant and Office Manager for a college division that she was responsible for State required travel surveys, safety and security, custodial, groundskeeping, HVAC, maintenance, and construction plus a number of volunteer activities for ceremonies and special events including graduations, honors program, and clubs. 

Sonoran Dawn believes every opportunity is a learning experience. 

Her course work at the community college, university, and graduate level exhibit this personal view. She has hours in the various disciplines from earth sciences: geography and geology as well as in biology that helped her earn a A.G.S degree, honors program. Other merits in history, especially of the southwestern region of the United States helped her earn her Bachelors degree, cum laude. Her Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology brings the entirety of her education together as a positive force to execute her vast knowledge and experience bank. 

She used her education as a guest speaker and lecturer around the southwest and west. Sonoran Dawn has lectured at science societies and festivals. She has paneled at conventions and conferences. She has been featured in community college courses and days of learning. 

As a history major, genealogy has been a staple in her life since her early twenties. Still working out family lines through research she finds in books, pedigrees, and other resources she has a varied and rich cultural history at her fingertips. She has discovered her roots from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Norway, and Sweden for starters. She has Christian and Jewish ancestors. She can trace her lineage through the Picts, Greeks, and Romans. Her ancestors have been kings and queens to their knights. She is descended from the Plantagenets, Emperor Charlemagne, and the Merovingian Kings. If Scota's legend is historical fact and she is the daughter of Akhenaten, then there is a good chance Sonoran Dawn has lineage dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. And, Sonoran Dawn is only a part way through her research. 

Her spiritual quests have led her to learn about Christianity, Judism, Buddhism, Shamanism and other nontraditional forms of knowledge and wisdom. She has been an Ordained Minister since May of 2001. In her meditative/spiritual journeys she has been to the Underworld to meet Charon, the Pyramids of Egypt to converse with Anubis, as well as has been to heaven only to return to be the representative for the dead here on Earth. She has opened herself up to police cases to see what was missed to sharpen her other worldly senses as well as personal ones to lend a helping hand to those spirits who are confused to help them crossover. Her abilities have helped her with her own father's passing as she has been in contact with him for closure. 

Sonoran Dawn is a hands-on publisher. If someone needs content for their blog, she will write a post. If someone needs a blog/site or book design, she will create an image or logo for them. If someone is in need of research, she helps them on their way. 

So if you would like to be apart of Sonoran Dawn, then submit your idea to her via her social media page's private messaging system. If you would like to write content, then please see Sonoran Dawn Submissions for what she is looking for. 

We are for the most part a G, PG, and PG-13 crew. No adult/porn content. Sonoran Dawn can be entertaining but she is not a madam.

Thank you for taking this nostalgic tour with us and please read our Social Media Conduct to help us better serve you and All Our Creators.