Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sonoran Dawn's Upon Hallow Ground Reanimated 2020 Main Event List

Welcome to Sonoran Dawn Studios' Upon Hallow Ground Reanimated 2020 Halloween Party, Book Event, and Entertainment Fair.

The Caretaker of this event has the following graves filled with authors and hauntings:

- Book Event Opening Ceremonies-
10am Upon Hallow Ground
1030 Ghost Hunters: Hugged by a Spirit | Full Episode (S1, E1) | A&E
11am Our Rugged Individualism
1130 MonsterQuest: AMERICA'S WOLFMAN CAUGHT ON FILM (S4, E9) | Full Episode | History
12pm Moon Mullan
1230 Villa de Paz
1pm GeoRangers
130 Paranormal State: The Fury - Full Episode (S3, E10) | A&E
2pm Undawnted
230 The Holzer Files S01 E10 Bloodline
3pm Into The Limelight
330 1776 Patriot Project
4pm Feral Human Project
430 The Di-'Stor-Zhen
5pm Health Beat
530 Pre-dated
6pm Kaye Lynne Booth