Copyright & Trademark

No matter what is posted on this site from the logo, images, art, poetry and writing, or book covers, etc., DL Mullan, (e.g., Dawn Leslie Mullan, DMullan, Sonoran Dawn Studios, Undawnted,VDP Gazette, MLLN Designs) owns ALL of these creative works.

DL Mullan is the creator and owner of these Trademarks and Copyrights. 

So please save yourself the hassle and just do not steal. If you would like to license an image, have me produce an image for you, or do some other custom/commissioned work, I can do that.

I work with people all the time with creative projects. It is far simpler to ask than to take. 

So if you need assistance, please ask. I am developing a Contact Us form and when that link is up and running: ask away! Sonoran Dawn Studios is more than happy to help out with whatever creative idea you would like to see come to life.

The creative process creates so much positive energy that the feeling of satisfaction is so much more intoxicating than any theft or dishonesty could ever produce. 

Thank you so much for your understanding!


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