Monday, July 3, 2017

Book Cover Art Nominated for Delilah

Our in-house artist, DL Mullan, has been nominated for a Book Cover Art Event. 

The event hosted by: Joandisalovebooks Summer Loving Book Cover EVENT 2017 is open for the 2nd Round on their Facebook page. 

Help us continue to do an outstanding job!

We are worth your time and vote. 

Round one accepting nominations on all categories
Second round top ten from round one with most likes on each category
Final round top three with most likes on each category. Top three announced on this last and final round.

Once closed WINNER will be announced.
1st round, Monday 26th - Friday 30th June
2nd round, Monday 3rd - Friday 7th July
Final round, Sunday 9th - 13th July
About the 2ND ROUND... Book Covers
Have you checked the RULES? Please go read them now on the pin post before VOTING!

Please place a LIKE on the cover you wish to vote for. NO POSTING on this thread.

Invite your friends to join the event. You can find the invite button at the top of this page.

Congratulations on reaching round two.


Please also vote for Kaye Lynne Booth in the WHO INVITED YOU TO THE EVENT #GIVEAWAY!!! just below the Book Cover Event voting.

We appreciate your support for our Book Cover Artist and Author of this Frontier Romance

Thank you for your participation. We cannot do win this Book Cover Event without YOU