Event Tickets

Sonoran Dawn Studios' Events and Parties are open to the public with a few rare exceptions.

We have four levels of Ticket Badges:
  • Charity Badge
  • Participant (Comp) Badge
  • Purchase Support Badge
  • Affiliate Badge 
What we do ask is that you visit one of our many fine stores and purchase an item or two. Your monetary support fuels our drive to create and host more!

In other words, you support our Mission, Vision, & Goals and we can in turn support you.

Sign up and participate in a time slot at one of Sonoran Dawn's hosted events. Publicize the event so your fans will know where and when to find you. Like and comment on other people's posts.These small gestures help your bottom line and others selling their books.

Charity Work
We also have charities we would like others to support.  So if you are not in the mood for gift items such as apparel, mugs, or posters, then please do take the time to give $10, $15, or $25 to one of these great educational charities here in the Sonoran Desert.

We really appreciate you giving so that future generations will have the gift of history: 

Sonoran Dawn Approved Charities

Those individuals who support us with multiple purchases, participation, and/or help our charities throughout the year are eligible for our various drawings and prizes.

See our Contest guide for more information. 

Thank you!


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