Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sad Day

It is a sad day anytime I have to post a Copyright and Trademark page on a website or blog, but it must be done.

A local Tshirt maker had one of her designs stolen from a straw purse making company. Now she is in litigation over the stolen idea. So I had to put up a page just about asking people to be honest. 

Isn't that sad? 

How easy it would have been for the purse company to have contacted, negotiated with, and licensed the image instead. 

Honesty goes a long way. 

I try so hard to be original, use only public domain images, or get inspired by an image that it is difficult for me to understand the process of not asking. 

So that page is up, and I hope I never have to correct someone using one of my pieces without permission. 

Have a thoughtful day!