Thursday, April 28, 2016

Steady as She Goes

Sometimes I feel like I am the captain on a ship. This week was no different. 

I feel like I have been swaying back and forth, not sure if the map I have plotted my course on will get me where I need to go. 

I have goals to be sure. I want to visit many different destinations, but which first? Which one will create the buoyancy that I need to further myself? 

Time will tell. Time is the great equalizer. Time heals. Time hurts. Time brings us closer to whatever it is we love, hate, or fear. 

I want to love my future and I want others to share in that love with me. That is why I choose green for Sonoran Dawn Studios. One green is a great color; it goes with everything. I'm also Irish. And green is the color of your heart chakra:
Green is the color of growth, life, and balance. Through balance you find this center from which you can love, form healthy and nourishing relationships, and give and receive love.
So as I look out into the vast green ocean of my aspirations, I hope that whatever happens in the future moves me away from the hate and fear of the past, and straight into the loving arms of endless possibilities!

Have a really weird day! 

Source: Chakra Anatomy