Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Well Traveled Writer Makes a Good Creative Force

I enjoyed traveling when I had the chance. As a child, we moved a lot. Sometimes, we ended up living in a haunted house.

Those experiences opened me up to the field of the paranormal. With a history degree in hand, I signed on to paranormal research and workshop outings. I learned about eras, peoples, and towns. 

Since I have written articles that were published about the paranormal, I decided to list where I have been that in some form or another had a supernatural history. Private homes to public domains, all are enumerated on my Paranormal Research / Workshop page.

Travel helps the imagination grow. Add in some ghosts and you have a fiction novel to boot!

So as a writer, if you have not traveled yet, then branch out. Travel experiences can only help your writing. it certainly cannot hinder the imagination!

Have a really weird day!