Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Death and the Maiden

So I have been cleaning, organizing, and going through my archives. 

I have a lot of archives.

I found a few more additions to my Arts & Entertainment page. One play, I could not remember the name of, surfaced in the form of its playbill. I was so happy to put a name to the scenes I recalled: Death and the Maiden. 

The play was about the war in Chile. How people dealt with the stress and tragedy of such a situation. 

Everyone has terrible circumstances in their lives that we must all deal with in our own way. Mine, I learned to use my creativity to move past negative situations. I write. I create. I manifest. 

If we do not take positive action in our lives to better and further ourselves, we can never continue to grow and we cannot hope to move past tragedy. 

I could have wallowed after what has happened to me and I did for awhile, but with my editor and journalist hats I wear at the VDP Gazette, I am redefining my world. I may not like what is happening in the world, but I hope to educate and inform people on what is truly happening versus what we are told.

So let's learn from plays like Death and the Maiden. Let's live a positive existence doing the tasks we love to do. Then we can move past chaos and destruction through living. 

What makes you feel hope and fulfillment? 

Have a really weird day!