Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Degrees of Illness

As many of our readers know, I am disabled by a terrible illness. 

This illness has left me unable to do most things especially attend college courses. With my neurological issues, the stress of taking a class would be too much for me right now. As summer begins, I find myself longing to accumulate more knowledge, take a course, and attain more degrees.

Wishes, but I realized after looking at college websites that I am beyond capable of doing what I once loved. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with impotence, I have decided that I should write a book on every subject that I would like a degree in: history, science, literature, just to name a few. 

Just because I am stuck in a disabled rut does not mean I should give up my dreams... but to redefine them.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations you need to redefine? 

Have a really weird day!