Monday, June 20, 2016

Manufactured Consent on Lulu Today!

Another one of DL Mullan's essays has been published on Lulu. 

This time the research paper garnered its own ISBN! Manufactured Consent is a treatise expounding on politics, law, history, and what is means to be an American.

Our blurb:  Voting has become a choice between the greater of two evils. Warring political parties vie for American voters, but is that perception false? Are voters caught in a cycle of picking the same agenda no matter if they go left or right? Discover the history voters were not taught in school and how their rights to govern themselves has turn into the game of Manufactured Consent for those elites willing to do anything for power and greed.

For more information,please visit the Historical Context page on Undawnted.

To download your free PDF copy, visit the Manufactured Consent page on Lulu.