Thursday, October 27, 2016

In the Name of Blood for All Hallow's Eve

The vampire crime drama that was released October  16, 2016 will be free until 11:59pm on Halloween. Afterward, the horror novel will then be sold for a fee. So get your copy from our Author Spotlight! 

Critical Acclaim from Readers: 
"All right, the pitch has vampires in it but they're grown up vampires for grown up people, one of the few on this [Authonomy] site."

"I like the classic feel of a crime novel in a vampire story."

"Seriously hot stuff. These are vampires the way they were meant to be."

"What I did like most about this is your ability to bring something new to the vampire genre."

"This is an exciting story. Fast-paced yet descriptive writing. Great, snappy dialogue."

"I enjoyed you taking me through this classic tale with a great spin on it."

"Excellent opening. Your dialogue flows naturally (I appreciated the Munsters reference ;D)."