Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sonoran Dawn Sound is Open

In the recent past, Sonoran Dawn Studios wanted to get into the broadcasting business, but life happens when you are making other plans.

So we made different plans of our own!

We have opened up a new segment to our design/publishing house: Sonoran Dawn Sound

This branch of our brand will bring a diverse concoction of radio programs and podcasts together so that the audience looking for them will not be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices on the internet. 

Help us. Help you. 

Have a program that fits within our Mission, Vision, and Values on Sonoran Dawn Sound? Then head over to our Facebook page: Sonoran Dawn Studios to start a collaboration of the minds. 

Our hope is to bridge the gap between personalities and bypass the gatekeepers on mainstream media. 

An audience is looking for you, all of you. If we work together bringing in our strengths as individuals, then we can affect positive change in the world. 

It's better than never trying at all.

Have a really weird day!