Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thank you for the Past 2 1/2 Years

When Sonoran Dawn Studios began May 31, 2016, we never thought we would have such an impact. 

Here we are thirty-one months later. We have art, books, events, and now we are gong to expand into the world of services and courses. Learn what you can and leave the rest to us! 

We love everyone who has participated in one of our events, added to our anthologies, and published art and books with us. Thank you! We appreciate you so much. 

So we hope you stay with us and help us grow in 2019. We will begin our third year on June 1st. 

Can you believe how time flies? 

Pretty soon it will be our fifth, then tenth anniversary. 

Wonder what parties we should thrown then? 

We have time to come up with some ideas.

Again, Thank you!