Monday, January 7, 2019

Twitter Refused Sonoran Dawn Studios an Account

That was abrupt. Sonoran Dawn is run by a disabled woman and she does not have cellular service. So after one posting on Twitter, the company decided that the welcome message was in violation of their rules of conduct and locked Sonoran Dawn out of her account. 

Big Tech in Silicon Valley needs a course correction from the federal government. A birthdate nor a phone number are identifying traits. The internet and many technologies used by Silicon Valley were first paid for and discovered by the American people through secret programs like DARPA and iARPA. 

Silicon Valley needs a wake up call, not a pat on the back from Congress. The American people have the right to the public square in their home towns or on the internet. We paid for this technology. We should be able to use it without interference.

No one needs my name, phone number, or anything else for me to enjoy a service that has been already paid for through taxation over more than three generations of our families. 

This situation is blatant censorship and data mining and it has got to end. No one owes a corporation a free lunch, especially at the cost of our freedoms, rights, and privacy. If Silicon Valley cannot do business by American values, then we need to break their monopolies up so they no longer have a choke hold on Americans.

So Sonoran Dawn will remain on Minds, Gab, and Facebook. 

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Thank you.