Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feeling at Home

Since my illness took over my life and disabled me, I haven't had a place online to call my own after DLM Studios went defunct.

I started up Undawnted, but that was more for my poetry and writing experience. The site did me well until I tried to expand. Then, I discovered how my credentials did not fit [within the context of the site] when I tried to put them there. 

After a meditation, I came up with and brought to fruition: Sonoran Dawn Studios. Everything clicked. I am satisfied that creating this umbrella to oversee my other creations, websites,  blogs, and radio personality was the right course.

 In that vein, I have scheduled each blog at different times for updates and news. 

Sonoran Dawn Studios Tuesday - Thursday with Music Fridays
Undawnted Tuesday - Thursday 
VDP Gazette Monday - Thursday with Movie Night Fridays
GenX2theNth Friday - Monday

So if you are looking for news from any of these sites, then you will know when to expect a blog update...we are hoping to maintain this schedule until further notice.

Have a super day!