Monday, April 3, 2017

22 Years of Publishing Experience

Over the years, our President and CEO, DL Mullan has published articles, essays, poems, and chapbooks. She has been a powerhouse publisher in print since the mid-1990's and online with websites since 1998.  In either medium, publishing has been more than a hobby or passion; publishing is in her blood. 

While going through boxes of personal memorabilia, her first editorial and publishing debut for a Slam Poetry artist was found. DL Mullan's personal copy of Mental Recipes for the Perfect Psychosis by Porkchop Jones from January 1995 looked as new as the day it was printed out. 

So in one form or another, DL Mullan has been in the publishing business for over 22 years. 

Sonoran Dawn Studios is proud to have Ms. Mullan at the helm of our company. We will soon be opening our publishing house to other authors, poets, and artists with creative and original anthology themes seen nowhere else.

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