Monday, April 15, 2019

Getting Back to the Meaning of Publishing

To refresh everyone's memory, Sonoran Dawn Studios does not adhere to political correctness; PC culture is not intellectually honest.

Sonoran Dawn is advanced publishing. we are not a safe space echo chamber.

We are also not your parents and should not have had to institute behavior guidelines for our Social Media pages.

Our books, articles, and essays are about getting passed the manufactured mainstream narratives. We want our Creators to dig out the rich history, sketch the ancient architecture, and dive head first into the heart of the matter.

Creators cannot create wrapped in a blanket, sucking on a pacifier, while hiding under the bed of life. We want fearless. We want to broaden the discussion.

Creativity is a frequency... it is not a bought and paid for FM dial station.

So for those dauntless, unwavering individuals who will not compromise their intellectual, creative, or mental integrity to the ramblings of the hive mind and have dared to stay on: Thank you.

Sonoran Dawn Studios appreciates your tenacity.

We hope this means that you appreciate ours too.