Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sonoran Dawn Presents: The 31 Days of Halloween, A Haunting in Georgia

With the heaviness of the last ten months, Sonoran Dawn wants to have a full range of fun activities for our audience this autumn season. 

We are committed to offering free entertainment because many people are still out of work or are barely making ends meet. The start of the holiday season should be light-hearted with no financial expectation. That is what The 31 Days of Halloween are all about: fun. 

Tonight's activity is the movie/documentary: A Haunting In Georgia.


Andy and Lisa Wyrick are concerned, their four year old daughter Heidi has two imaginary playmates; "Mr. Gordy," an elderly man who pushes her on the swing, and "Con," a younger man Heidi describes as "missing an arm and covered with blood." When Lisa tells a neighbor of Mr. Gordy and Con, she is astonished to learn that the two men once lived in the area, and they're both deceased.


Have a really weird evening.