Thursday, June 23, 2016

Novel Release Schedule

Undawnted has added another fiction novel to its lineup as well as committed to release dates for them. 

In the Name of Blood
  • Book 1: Vampires are Relative October 16, 2016
  • Book 2: Vampires are Judgmental October 2017
  • Book 3: Vampires are Eternal October 2018
Gibbous ...2019 - 2020
Knight's Way Crossing ....2021 - 2023
Nocturnal Redemption ....2025 - 2026
Density Horizon ...2028 - 2030

Most novels are books of a series so the novels will produce many releases in future years like that of In the Name of Blood. 

Stay tuned for more breaking news! 

Have a really weird day!

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Sonoran Dawn's All Hallow's Eve Party
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