Wednesday, June 22, 2016

T Minus Halloween Themed Releases and Counting

Autumn is just around the corner. 

It does not feel like it right now, especially here in the Sonoran Desert, but autumn is on its way. Each day from now until the Winter Solstice will be getting shorter and shorter. We may not see it or feel it until September, but the change in direction has already taken place: today is 5 seconds shorter than yesterday and tomorrow will be 7 seconds shorter than today. 

That brings us to announce our Halloween themed creative writing projects: The Descent and In The Name of Blood. A chapbook and novel will be released in ebook format. One in September and the other will be published in October.

This chapbook houses "a darker breed of poetry." Just in time for Halloween! Fan favorites like The Collection, Death Replies to Emily Dickinson, and Breathe will make their presence known. Plus new poetry that has yet to be seen by the general public.

Publishing September 16, 2016

Riley Austin believes life is predictable. While using her sixth sense to find the missing kids, she is attacked and Riley is taken by Julian, a vampire, who wishes to use her gift for his own purposes...

Publishing October 16, 2016

So get in the mood for the creepy and dark... Sonoran Dawn has you covered!