Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Schedule for 2017, What would You like to See?

We have six months before the new year begins. 

2016 started off with a negative patch but now has surpassed our expectations. We have Sonoran Dawn up and running. We are publishing. Everything looks great! 

So for 2017, we wanted to keep the positive momentum going. We asked ourselves: what would you like to see? More art? poetry? fiction novels? 

Sonoran Dawn is working on publishing something every month except June and December. These months will be promotional and rebuilding months. Sometimes even the most creative people need a break. These two months are ours.

2017 is sure to be another expansive year for the author and artist, DL Mullan. Her goals are to publish a novel and chapbook every year (Undawnted) in addition to writing articles for the VDP Gazette, creating artwork and cover art for her books (VSP), websites, plus she wants to be accepted into more anthologies. 

We are diligently working to have a publication schedule that is informative, educational, and entertaining. 

Have a really weird day!