Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Print Versus Electronic Publications

People love their ebooks. How simple. How complete. Pick, pay, download, and read. 

As a publisher, we must weigh our options. Is print more credible than electronic publishing? In the time where ebooks are as popular as print materials, there should be no difference between the two when authors list publications in their credits. 

Yet there is still a stigma in certain circles. A print book credit is acceptable whereas publication on a website, blog, or ebook do not hold any or as much weight as their print counterpart. 

Sonroan Dawn Studios does not drink from the same well. We believe all publications are worth their weight as credits. So we offer electronic publications, but in the future we will also publish print books. 

People love the convenience of their ebooks. Authors and artists should garner the same respect for their electronic publishing credits. Time and energy to produce one produces the other. 

So what do you believe? Should the stigma of epublishing disappear with other antiquated perceptions that went the way of horse and buggy? 

We'll let you decide.

Have a really weird day!