Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Wheels are Turning

Publishing is a strange career choice for a writer, but also a natural one. 

Authors are so programmed into believing that we need outside validation for our work. So we hungrily climb into the hamster wheel of publishing. We jump the hoops in hopes of one day getting a publishing contract. 

With on demand services, writers are no longer slaves to the wheel. We can publish ourselves. The task of learning front matter, back matter, copyright law, and book cover art may look daunting at first but in time any writer can create a simple, yet professional book. 

Electronic books are the easiest. PDFs are simpler still.  Print books need a little extra knowledge but not by much. 

Some writers cannot juggle all the ins and outs of publishing. That is why Sonoran Dawn Studios was formed. Writers can have their own publishing career without having to pay to play. Yes, some services and fees are necessary but writers need to watch out for vanity publishing. 

It is a fine line and with some research writers will know where not to cross and get trapped into the wheel of vanity presses. 

Right now, Sonoran Dawn Studios is getting its training wheels tested. Soon other authors will make their way into our ranks. 

Have a book or author you would like to see Sonoran Dawn Studios publish? 

Have a really weird day!