Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Publishing is in the Seasoning

As we ponder our 2017 release schedule, we realize that autumn, winter, and spring are the book buying seasons, but we also want to publish in the summer too.

The publishing business can be fickle. What is en vogue now, may not be later. So what does a small publisher do? Keep the titles flowing, of course!

As we head into the winter season... December 21st is not that far away... we would like to release titles that go with the seasons. In the Name of Blood and The Descent were great for autumn. That Halloween theme is so popular. 

For winter 2017, Sonoran Dawn likes the thought of people cuddleh up by the fire, with blankets and puppies and hot cocoa, oh my! 

And, probably some zombies.... 

Have a really weird day.